• Scrapbooking Basics: Stamps

    Stamping is an easy way to add colorful designs to your scrapbooking or paper crafts. Watch to learn some of the different ways you can use stamps to decorate, and get ready to start stamping! Visionner maintenant >

  • Scrapbooking Basics: Punches

    Spruce up your scrapbook with fun paper punches! Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, these fun craft items make scrapbooking even more creative. Visionner maintenant >

  • Origami Basics: Magic Circle

    Create a quick and easy origami magic circle in minutes with this simple technique. Impress your friends and create a fun craft at the same time! Visionner maintenant >

  • Origami Basics: Box

    Origami boxes are a clever and creative way to display tiny treats or trinkets. Follow the simple steps in this video to start making boxes of your very own. Visionner maintenant >

  • Origami Basics: Square

    Get squared away with origami! The square fold is one of the most common in origami and it's the basis for many different origami projects. Visionner maintenant >

  • Customize Your Life with Silhouette®

    The Silhouette Cameo® Electric Cutting Tool is so easy to use! Choose from hundreds of designs, or create your own online, then print or cut for the perfect embellishment. Great for school projects, crafting, parties, home décor and apparel crafts. Visionner maintenant >

  • Print and Cut Your Own Party with Silhouette®

    Watch how easy it is to design and cut your own party décor with the Silhouette! Create banners, stickers, labels, more with the push of a button. Visionner maintenant >

  • Silhouette® D.I.Y Ideas

    The Silhouette Cameo® makes your creations come to life! Use the software to design the perfect picture or embellishment. Then, print using Silhouette Markers or print and cut with the specialized die cutting software. So easy! Discover what you can do with this amazing machine. Visionner maintenant >

  • Papercrafting 101: Basic Tools

    Learn about the basic tools that will make your papercrafting projects easy and fun with this quick video. Visionner maintenant >