• Arm Knitting for Beginners

    Learn the basics of arm knitting and complete your own super-soft, chunky cowl in less than an hour! This video is ideal for beginners -- all you need to get started are two skeins of yarn (and your arms!). Visionner maintenant >

  • Craft Paint Basics: Chalkboard Paint

    Let your kids write all over the walls! It’s ok when you’ve turned them into chalkboards. Chalkboard paint is a great way to add a creative accent to any wall in your home or classroom. But don’t stop there – try chalkboard paint on all kinds of objects to create a cool craft that's uniquely you! Visionner maintenant >

  • Application Basics: Fabric Paint

    Learn how you can decorate T-shirts, totes and more with a few basic fabric paint techniques. We’ll give you tips on easy ways to personalize items with simple time-saving ideas. Visionner maintenant >

  • How to Weave a T-Shirt

    Creating a fun and fabulous t-shirt is quick and easy. Add some style by cutting and weaving -- all it takes is these few simple steps! Visionner maintenant >

  • Application Basics: Stenciling on Fabric

    Using a stencil is the perfect way to customize almost any fabric project. From pillowcases to t-shirts, tote bags to curtains, adding your own personal touch is easy and fun! Visionner maintenant >

  • Application Basics: Tie-Dye

    Bring a swirl of vivid color to your wardrobe with a fun and easy tie-dye project. Make your T-shirt (or skirt, or socks -- you name it!) come to life with all kinds of groovy colors! Visionner maintenant >

  • Art Supply Basics: Calligraphy Tools

    Add a new element to your paper crafting, invitations and artwork with calligraphy! Learn about the pens, inks, and markers that will make your next writing project a step above the rest. Visionner maintenant >

  • Art Supply Basics: Doodling

    Let your mind wander as you doodle the day away. All you need are pens, paper, and your imagination! Visionner maintenant >

  • Art Supply Basics: Markers

    All-purpose markers, illustration markers, and acrylic markers. Fine tip, brush tip, chisel tip, KING-SIZE! With so many options, trying to pick the right marker for the right job can be overwhelming. Watch this video to find out exactly which marker you need. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bead Basics: Druzy Bracelet

    Show off your simple, easy style with a DIY bracelet. We'll show you how to build one that features a beautiful druzy as its centerpiece. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bead Basics: Finger Knit Necklace

    Finger knitting is super-easy, super-fun, and you don't need much more than some kind of yarn or cording and, of course, your hands! Or, try what we did, and use paracord and a few beads. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: Cake Leveler

    Now leveling a cake is...a piece of cake! No need to pay expensive fees at the bakery, when you can make your own layered cake at home. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: Create a Crumb Coating

    Learn how you can avoid a “crummy” cake and make the perfect crumb coat with this quick technique video. With the right tools and a little knowledge, creating a gorgeous, smoothly-frosted cake is easier than you think! Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: Cupcake Frosting Tips

    Make your next celebration a pinnable treat with beautifully frosted cupcakes. Watch our video to learn how to frost a cupcake in a variety of styles using icing tips from Michaels! Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: How to Fill Your Icing Bag

    For beginners, filling an icing bag is the first step to cake decorating glory. We'll show you a few techniques to do this with no muss and no fuss. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: Icing Tips

    Are you ready to take your decorating skills to the next level? Make it easy when you choose the right icing tip. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: Smooth Finish Frosting

    Get ready to finish your frosting like the pros! Watch this video to see how an icing bag, spatulas and icing smoother can take your decorating to the next level. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basic: Which Spatula?

    Do you want to know the secret to beautiful icing? It's the right tools! Learn when to use an offset spatula, and when a straight spatula is the right choice when frosting your cake. Visionner maintenant >

  • Craft Basics: How to Decoupage

    Decoupage is a lot simpler than you might think! It's an excellent technique for gluing colorful paper cutouts onto a variety of surfaces. Try it during craft time with the kids, or to create a personalized gift for someone special. Visionner maintenant >

  • Crafting Basics: String Art

    String art is a crafting classic -- not to mention the latest and greatest craze. Try it out! With our help you'll be an expert in no time. Visionner maintenant >

  • Craft Basics: Woodburning Techniques

    Learn some basic tips and techniques to get started with your woodburning project. You'll find it's a snap with these! Visionner maintenant >

  • Craft Basics: Woodburning Tools

    Do you want to make your mark? Michaels makes it easy with woodburning tips. We have all the supplies you need to make your next wood project unique. Visionner maintenant >

  • Kinetic Sand™ *Now in Color!*

    Brighten up your day with Kinetic Sand, now available in a variety of vivid colors! Shop Michaels for blue, green, purple, pink, orange and brown -- or all of the above! Visionner maintenant >

  • Kinetic Sand™: What is It?

    Let us show you! Kinetic Sand™ is the amazing, new, easy-to-shape sand that’s moldable, foldable and the perfect way to erase the day’s stress in a matter of minutes. You won’t want to put it down! Visionner maintenant >

  • Rainbow Loom® Monster Tail™

    If you enjoy Rainbow Loom®, you'll love this new creation from the same makers. Monster Tail™ is the latest looming craze! It gives you hundreds of new ways to create bracelets, necklaces, belts, and more. Visionner maintenant >

  • Origami Basics: Magic Circle

    Create a quick and easy origami magic circle in minutes with this simple technique. Impress your friends and create a fun craft at the same time! Visionner maintenant >

  • Origami Basics: Box

    Origami boxes are a clever and creative way to display tiny treats or trinkets. Follow the simple steps in this video to start making boxes of your very own. Visionner maintenant >

  • Origami Basics: Square

    Get squared away with origami! The square fold is one of the most common in origami and it's the basis for many different origami projects. Visionner maintenant >

  • Scrapbooking Basics: Punches

    Spruce up your scrapbook with fun paper punches! Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, these fun craft items make scrapbooking even more creative. Visionner maintenant >

  • Scrapbooking Basics: Stamps

    Stamping is an easy way to add colorful designs to your scrapbooking or paper crafts. Watch to learn some of the different ways you can use stamps to decorate, and get ready to start stamping! Visionner maintenant >

  • Craft Painting Basics: Glass

    Create decorative glasses, jars, bowls and more with craft paints and paint markers. Learn how to paint on glass, using both translucent and opaque products. Visionner maintenant >

  • Make Bows Two Ways

    Making a beautiful bow is a useful skill for almost any occasion! Learn how to make an impressive bow by hand or, even simpler, with a bow-making tool, by following these steps. Visionner maintenant >

  • Embroidery Basics: Stitches

    Embroidery is a great way to add a bit of beauty to pillows, tea towels, wall hangings and more. It's easier than you think to design your own embroidery - make a perfect gift for someone special! In this video, we'll show you three basic stitches that are great for beginners. Visionner maintenant >

  • Craft Basics: No-Sew Pillow

    Who doesn’t love a decorative pillow? This video will show you an easy technique for making your own pillows without sewing a stitch. Visionner maintenant >