Time Required :
About 30 minutes
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#extra striped heishi stretch bracelet

Tila and heishi beads make it easy to create bright and fun stretch bracelets in a jiffy. Make one or several of these trendy DIYs to stack or pair with beaded bracelets!
Step 1

First, measure and cut a 20" [50.8 cm] length of Stretch Magic® jewelry cord.

Step 2

Fold the cord in half and thread one end through one hole on your first alphabet bead and other end through the second hole in the same alphabet bead. Pull the cord so the excess cord ends are even and the fold is snug against the side of the tila bead.

Step 3

Thread the rest of your alphabet tila beads with both cords run parallel through the holes.

Step 4

Take a pinch of each heishi spacer bead and add to a small dish. Stir the beads until you have a good mix.

Step 5

Now, hold the cords together and thread the spacer beads randomly until you reach the desired length for your bracelet.

Step 6

Thread the ends back through the first tila bead to close your bracelet.

Step 7

Tie the Stretch Magic® into a tight surgeon’s knot on the back of the tila bead, add a dab of bead stringing glue to the knot; then trim the ends. Set your bracelet aside to dry before you wear.

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