• Art Supply Basics: Doodling

    Let your mind wander as you doodle the day away. All you need are pens, paper, and your imagination! Watch now >

  • Art Supply Basics: Calligraphy Tools

    Add a new element to your paper crafting, invitations and artwork with calligraphy! Learn about the pens, inks, and markers that will make your next writing project a step above the rest. Watch now >

  • Art Supply Basics: Markers

    All-purpose markers, illustration markers, and acrylic markers. Fine tip, brush tip, chisel tip, KING-SIZE! With so many options, trying to pick the right marker for the right job can be overwhelming. Watch this video to find out exactly which marker you need. Watch now >

  • Pebeo How-To: Mixed Media Amoeba

    Learn more about amazing Pebeo mixed media products – luminous Vitrail Colors and shimmering Fantasy Prisme – which are designed to react with each other, creating gorgeous swirls, glittering patterns, and other beautiful layered effects. Combine them to create this softly glimmering abstract canvas. Watch now >

  • The 3Doodler, Now at Michaels!

    What is the 3Doodler? Just the world’s first 3D printing pen! Watch to learn how amazing this tool truly is, and find yours -- available now at Michaels. Video produced by Glass Ink Media LLC Watch now >

  • Doodle Away with the 3Doodler, Available at Michaels

    See how easy it is to make amazing 3D creations with the 3Doodler, available online at Michaels. What will you create? Watch now >

  • Fine Art 101: Brush Tips & Strokes

    Ever wondered what brush tip is best for creating a certain kind of effect? Watch as we show you the strokes that each brush can create and tips on what situations they are best suited for. Watch now >

  • Art Class

    Life is busy. And, messy. Whether you're a teacher, a student, a crafter or just someone who loves to make life a little more beautiful, Michaels has what you need. Now you can find it 24 hours a day. Watch now >