Crystal Drop Earrings


  • Highlighter Large (or Sharpie® Marker)
  • 1 - Bead Landing™ Beaded Chain – Black
  • 1 - Bead Gallery® Glass Beads, Faceted Crystal
  • 1 - Bead Landing™ Findings Mix, Silver, 100 Pieces
  • 1 - Bead Landing™ Bead Organizer & Tool Set
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Step 1 Remove two links from the beaded necklace. Separate the links and remove the eye pins from both beads.

Step 2 Thread one of the black beads onto a head pin and make a simple loop on top of the bead. Trim excess wire. Make a second bead link and set aside.

TIP: Form a simple wire loop by grasping the head pin wire between the jaws of a pair of round nose pliers. Rotate the pliers toward you, keeping a firm grip on the wire until a small loop is formed. 

Step 3 Wrap an eye pin around the narrow base of the cap on the highlighter (or the barrel of a Sharpie® marker) to form a circle. Slide off of the highlighter and shape the circle into an elongated oval with your hands. Slightly bend the wire about 0.6 cm from end opposite the eye pin loop. Make a second earring hook and set aside.

Step 4 Thread an eye pin through the crystal drop and make a loop. Trim excess wire. Make a second crystal drop link and set aside.

NOTE: There should now be a loop at the top and bottom of the crystal drop. The bottom is the wider part of the crystal drop and the top is narrow.

Step 5 To make a seed bead link, thread three seed beads onto an eye pin and make a loop. Before closing the loop completely, slide on the loop of one earring hook made in Step 3. Close the loop and trim excess wire.

Step 6 Attach the black bead to the bottom of the crystal drop by opening the bottom loop slightly and sliding on the loop at the top of the black bead. Close the slightly opened loop.

Step 7 Attach the top of the crystal drop to the bottom of the seed bead link by opening the top loop slightly and sliding on the loop at the bottom of the seed bead link. Close the slightly opened loop.

Step 8 Repeat Steps 5-7 for a second earring.

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