Temps requis :
About an hour
Vous venez d’apprendre les habiletés nécessaires pour compléter ce projet, ou vous ne les avez mises en pratique que quelques fois auparavant.

mason jar coffee bean storage

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Étape 1
First, you’ll make the shelf for your coffee bean collection. Glue your two wood boxes together with their open sides facing out. Let the glue dry.
Étape 2
Next, add cup hooks to each side of the stacked boxes. Measure down 2" and over 2½" on each box side (top and bottom) and mark each location with a pencil.
Étape 3

Screw the cup hooks into your marked areas. This wood is soft enough for you to be able to screw each hook in by hand – just take your time and make sure to screw the hooks in straight.

TIP: The screw tips are long enough that they may pierce through to the inside shelf area. If this bothers you, cover each one up with a small square of adhesive felt.

Étape 4
Fill four quart-sized Mason jars with your favorite coffee beans.
Étape 5
To make labels for your jars, open a new project in Cricut® Design Space™ and click on the 'Text' box. Type the name of the coffee bean blend; then choose a font and size that will fit across the front of your Mason jar. Repeat for each blend of coffee beans you plan to display on the shelves.
Étape 6
Click 'Make It' in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and 'Continue' in the lower right-hand corner of the next screen.
Étape 7
Lay the vinyl on your cutting mat, grid-size down, and select your material.
Étape 8
Load the mat into your machine and push the blinking Cricut® icon to cut out your labels.
Étape 9
Once your machine’s done cutting, unload the mat and gently peel away the vinyl.
Étape 10
Cut your design from the vinyl sheet with scissors; then use your weeder tool to remove excess vinyl from around and within the letters of your labels.
Étape 11
Cut a piece of transfer tape that’s just big enough to fit over your first label. Peel the backer paper from the transfer tape; then place the tape over your label, sticky-side down, and burnish it. Peel away the backer paper and your label should be attached to the transfer tape.
Étape 12
Now, position the transfer tape on your Mason jar so the label is exactly where you want, and burnish the letters; then peel the transfer tape away from the jar. The vinyl letters should remain, stuck to the glass surface. Your Mason jar is now labeled.
Étape 13
Repeat Steps 11-12 to label each of the remaining Mason jars.
Étape 14
Almost done! Just place your jars on the shelves and hang a coffee mug from each of the four hooks.

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