Time Required :
About 30 minutes
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

kids star iridescent bracelet

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Step 1

Measure and cut two 24" [9.4 cm] pieces of cord.

Step 2

Line the cords up so the ends are even and fold them in half.

Step 3

Just below the fold, tie an overhand knot with all of the cords.
TIP: The loop formed between the fold and the knot should be big enough that you can thread pony bead through it to close your bracelet.

Step 4

About 3" [1.2 cm] from the overhand knot, tie another overhand knot.

Step 5

Thread beads onto your cord and push them to the last knot added.

Step 6

Add another overhand knot so your beads are between the two overhand knots.
TIP: The beads should be even across the middle of your bracelet.

Step 7

Tie an overhand knot about 3" [1.2 cm] from the last knot added, slide on a pony bead and tie one final overhand knot.

Step 8

Trim excess cord.
TIP: Adjust the lengths to fit your wrist if needed.

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