Time Required :
Over an hour
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beaded scallop macramé bracelet

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Step 1

Step 1 First, cut your cording:

  • 3 x 24" [62 cm]
  • 2 x 36" [91.4 cm]
  • 3 x 28" [71.1 cm]
Step 2

Align your 24" [62 cm] cords together and tie an overhand knot about 6" [15.2 cm] from one end. Tape them down to your working surface, just above the knot.

Step 3

Attach the remaining cords, separately around all of the 24" [61 cm] cords with a lark’s head knot about 4"-6" [10.2 cm-15.2 cm] from one end in the following order: 36"-28"-28"-28"-36" [91.4 cm-71.1 cm-71.1 cm-71.1 cm-91.4 cm].
TIP: This is the left side of your first scallop. The lark’s head knots will simulate the look of the half hitch knots that continue the “wave” down your bracelet.

Step 4

Now, take the second cord from the top (28" [71.1 cm]) and make five lark’s head knots down the top (36" [91.4 cm]) cord, working opposite as you did to the 24" [61 cm] cords in Step 3.

Step 5

Add three cube beads to the next 28" [71.1 cm] cord and one to the last 28" [71.1 cm] cord. Push them up to the top.

Step 6

Work two half hitch knots with each individual over the 24" [61 cm] cords (still gathered together). In the last cord, after you work your two half hitch knots, switch the hands your cords are in and make one more half hitch knot to create a “bend” to reverse the direction.

Step 7

Repeat Steps 4-6 eight more times, alternating directions, for a total of nine beaded scallops.

Step 8

To take care of the excess cord at the end, make two half hitch knots with the second cord over the top cord. With the third cord, make a half hitch knot over the previous two cords. Cut the middle cord. Repeat down the side of the scallop.

Step 9

Tie an overhand knot with all excess cords. Keep the three 24" [62 cm] cords but cut the rest at the knot. Add a dab of glue and let dry.

Step 10

Repeat Steps 8-9 on the other end.

Step 11

Cut a 10" cord, or if you have enough excess, us it to make the sliding knot.

Step 12

Arrange your bracelet into a circle shape and overlap the excess cords. Tie the 10" [25.4 cm] cord over all excess cords and make five paracord knots. Tie in the bake. Add a dab of glue and let dry, then trim excess.

Step 13
Slide a bead or two onto each excess cord, tie a knot and trim.

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