• Bakeware Basics: Cupcake Frosting Tips

    Make your next celebration a pinnable treat with beautifully frosted cupcakes. Watch our video to learn how to frost a cupcake in a variety of styles using icing tips from Michaels! Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: Create a Crumb Coating

    Learn how you can avoid a “crummy” cake and make the perfect crumb coat with this quick technique video. With the right tools and a little knowledge, creating a gorgeous, smoothly-frosted cake is easier than you think! Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: Smooth Finish Frosting

    Get ready to finish your frosting like the pros! Watch this video to see how an icing bag, spatulas and icing smoother can take your decorating to the next level. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: How to Fill Your Icing Bag

    For beginners, filling an icing bag is the first step to cake decorating glory. We'll show you a few techniques to do this with no muss and no fuss. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: Icing Tips

    Are you ready to take your decorating skills to the next level? Make it easy when you choose the right icing tip. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basics: Cake Leveler

    Now leveling a cake is...a piece of cake! No need to pay expensive fees at the bakery, when you can make your own layered cake at home. Visionner maintenant >

  • Bakeware Basic: Which Spatula?

    Do you want to know the secret to beautiful icing? It's the right tools! Learn when to use an offset spatula, and when a straight spatula is the right choice when frosting your cake. Visionner maintenant >

  • Sweets & Treats: Eyeball Cake Pops

    On Halloween, keeping an eye out for spooky ghouls is super-important. So get a little help with this eyeball cake pop boo-quet. Visionner maintenant >