• Application Basics: Fabric Paint

    Learn how you can decorate T-shirts, totes and more with a few basic fabric paint techniques. We’ll give you tips on easy ways to personalize items with simple time-saving ideas. Visionner maintenant >

  • Application Basics: Stenciling on Fabric

    Using a stencil is the perfect way to customize almost any fabric project. From pillowcases to t-shirts, tote bags to curtains, adding your own personal touch is easy and fun! Visionner maintenant >

  • Application Basics: Tie-Dye

    Bring a swirl of vivid color to your wardrobe with a fun and easy tie-dye project. Make your T-shirt (or skirt, or socks -- you name it!) come to life with all kinds of groovy colors! Visionner maintenant >

  • How to Weave a T-Shirt

    Creating a fun and fabulous t-shirt is quick and easy. Add some style by cutting and weaving -- all it takes is these few simple steps! Visionner maintenant >

  • Make a Lark's Head Knot

    Learn to make a lark’s head knot, and you can make a wreath, a paracord bracelet -- even a fairy costume! You never know what – or who – might appear once you get started. Visionner maintenant >

  • Slow Motion Lark’s Head Knot

    Watch an extra-slow motion version of the lark’s head knot, and learn how to make your own. Visionner maintenant >

  • How To: Attach Hotfix Rhinestones to a T-shirt

    Learn how easy it is to apply hotfix rhinestones to a t-shirt. Hotfix rhinestones have a heat-activated adhesive on their backs that allows them to stick to fabric when used with a heated tool. Visionner maintenant >