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st. patrick's day friendship bracelet

Feeling nostalgic? Try your luck at making this St. Patrick’s Day Friendship Bracelet Stack and pair it with a pony bead stretch bracelet and/or a simple paracord bracelet.
Step 1

Measure and cut one 120" length of a yellow craft cord; then cut two 120" each of the three greens included in the cord pack.
TIP: This measurement is based on a 7" wrist. Adjust lengths of floss cord as needed.

Step 2

Gather floss together and align them so they are even. Fold them in half and cut through the bend of the floss. Tie a double knot about 4" from the fold. Tape the floss to your working space, above the knot.

Step 3

Now, separate the floss so each color is together, then arrange them so they are in order as you like the stripes to appear on your bracelet.
TIP: When you folded the floss, you created two strands of each color. You will work the two strands of each color together, as if they are one. For the Blanc, pair them so you have three sections of two strands.

Step 4

To start the knotting process, place the left-most strands perpendicular over the one closest to them, creating a “4” shape. Next, wrap the working strands under the closest strands and thread through the loop of the “4” shape. Pull the ends so the knot moves up to the top. Repeat for a second knot over the same strands closest to the first.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 with the next strands. Work the first set of strands across all colors until the are all the way over to the right.

Step 6

Now, repeat Steps 4-5 with the strands that are now the furthest to the left. Continue this pattern until you reach the bracelet length desired.

Step 7

Tie a double knot with all of the cords together just under the last knotted row.

Step 8

Cut the excess floss about 4" from the knot and set aside.

Step 9

Cut a 10" length of stretchy cord.

Step 10

Thread “Lucky” alphabet beads on the cord and move the word to the middle.

Step 11

Now, add rainbow-inspired pony beads on each side of the word.

Step 12

Tie the Stretch Magic® into a tight surgeon’s knot, then tuck its ends back through the closest beads.

Step 13
Use a toothpick to add a dab of glue to the knot. Now, pull the ends tight, so the two adjacent beads press together tightly, hiding the knot. Trim the ends of the stretch cord, then set your bracelet aside to dry before you wear.
TIP: Click here to learn how to make a simple paracord bracelet.

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