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Over an hour
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spin it™ candy corn ombré tumbler

Create this adorable Candy Corn Ombré Tumbler at home with the easy-to-use Spin It™ motorized rotary drying tool. It has an adjustable grip that fits most tumbler diameters and the rotating arm allows each epoxy coat to dry evenly. This is the perfect DIY to use throughout the Halloween and Fall seasons!
Step 1

First, clean your tumbler with rubbing alcohol to remove any fingerprints and/or oils.

Step 2

Now, in a well-ventilated area, spray a base coat of white paint all around the outside and bottom of your tumbler. Let dry. Repeat for a second coat, if needed. 

Step 3

Brush an even, generous coat of Mod Podge® to the bottom of your tumbler. Shake on a generous amount of chunky glitter and then shake off excess.

TIP: When applying the Mod Podge®, be sure to avoid thick streaks as they will cause your glitter to clump.

Step 4

Next, brush an even, generous coat of Mod Podge® around the sides of your tumbler. While the Mod Podge® is still wet, hold your tumbler horizontally over your working surface and pour a generous amount of chunky yellow glitter around the bottom section (up to about 2" from the bottom edge) of your tumbler. Be sure to blend with the bottom.

Step 5

Now, to account for the blending of colors:
- Tilt your tumbler at about a 45° angle.
- Pour another round of chunky yellow glitter in the same section you did in Step 4, but this time, sprinkle it around the top of the yellow section.
- Allow some of the chunky yellow glitter to lightly scatter up (about ¼") from the thicker section around the bottom.
- Shake off excess glitter, then pour a small amount of the excess glitter into a disposable cup and return the rest to a glitter bottle.

TIP: It is much easier to manage the glitter when using the Spin It™ glitter bottles. Pour your glitters into their own bottle and attach the correct shaker lid (hole size varies for fine and chunky glitters) to the top. Shake your glitter over a paper plate. This allows you to easily return glitter to the glitter bottles.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 4-5 around the top 1½" section with fine white glitter. Once you have scattered a little down into the center section and you have shaken off any excess glitter and return it to the glitter bottle.

Step 7

For the center coral section, repeat Steps 4-5 around the center of your tumbler. Tint your tumbler in both directions to allow some coral glitter to blend into both scattered white and yellow glitters. Shake off excess glitter, then pour a small amount of the excess coral glitter into the disposable cup to mix with the yellow, then return the rest to the glitter bottle.

Step 8

Shake the disposable cup to get a good mix of the yellow/coral glitters.

Step 9

Pour the yellow/coral glitter mixture over the scattered glitter between the center and bottom sections to increase the blend. Set your tumbler aside to dry.

Step 10

Repeat Steps 3-9 for a second coat.

Step 11

Put on a pair of the gloves included in the prep kit and mix epoxy as noted in the directions. Mix only what is needed for one layer at a time.

TIP: For first epoxy layer, use the measuring cups included in the prep kit and measure part A to the first line. Pour it into a clear cup and then repeat for part B. Stir for two full minutes. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the cup when stirring.

Step 12

Place your tumbler onto the Spin It™ tool. Adjust the grip as needed for a snug fit.

Step 13

Turn on the tool to a slow speed and pour a little of your epoxy mixture onto your tumbler. Spread it evenly around and on the bottom of your tumbler. Turn the speed up a little and run your glove-covered fingers over the cup in long even strokes to continue to spread the epoxy evenly.

Step 14

Turn the tool to the highest speed and allow your tumbler to spin on the Spin It™ tool for four hours.

Step 15

Mix another batch of epoxy (as in Step 11) and then repeat Steps 12-13 for a second layer.

TIP: When using a chunky glitter, a third layer is recommended.

Step 16
After another four hours of spinning, turn off your Spin It™ tool and allow it to cure completely for 24 hours.

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You’ll Also Need
  • 1 - Paper Plate (or Palette Paper)
  • 1 - Rubbing Alcohol
  • 1 - Paper Towel
  • 2 - Disposable Cups
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