Time Required :
About an hour
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neutral macramé wall hanging

Make this beautiful wall hanging with the timeless craft of macramé. See the instructions below to see how to make your own home décor DIY!
Step 1

Cut eight 72" [182.9 cm] lengths of cord.

Step 2

Fold each length in half and attach across your driftwood with a lark’s head knot.
TIP: To make a lark’s head knot, fold the cord in half. Place your stick over the fold. Grab the ends of the cord, bring them up and over the stick, then through the fold of the cord. Pull and tighten the knot.

Step 3

Find the four middle cords hanging below the middle two lark’s head knots. Tie a square knot in the four cords.

Step 4

Tie another square knot in the four cords on each side of the knot made in Step 3.

Step 5

Now, make a square knot below the left and right knots.
TIP: You now have a triangle of square knots in the middle with two open cords hanging on either side.

Step 6

Start on the left side and make double half hitch knots across your work with the outer most cord until you reach the middle, then drop the cord. Repeat on the right side working towards the middle.
TIP: Hold the first cord in your opposite side of the first cord so it is on top, slightly crossing, the next cord. Form a clockwise loop around it with the second cord on the same side. Bring the working end down and to the left. Now, pull the working end through the loop just formed, tighten, and slide the knot up to the top, along the first cord.

Step 7

Repeat Step 6 with the cords that are now the outer most cords on either side.

Step 8

Add another row of double half hitch knots on each side, as shown.

Step 9

Unravel the hanging cords and brush with a comb.
TIP: Spray with water to minimize the kinks from the twisting when combing.

Step 10

Trim the ends into desired shape.

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