Time Required :
About an hour
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

neon bestie friendship bracelet stack

Make these bright stretchy bracelets with your favorite round and alpha beads. Even the friendship bracelet stretches so it is easy to take on and off!
Step 1

Cut two 10" of stretchy cord.

Step 2

Thread alphabet beads onto one cord then add colorful beads to each side until reach length needed for your bracelet.

Step 3

Tie the ends together in two double knots and tuck ends into closest beads. Use a toothpick to add a dab of glue to the knot. Set aside to dry.

Step 4

Add colorful beads to the second stretchy cord then repeat Step 3.

Step 5

Cut a 12" piece of two different colors of elastic cord.

Step 6

Fold one of the elastic pieces in half, slide it through the side of a peace sign bead, then thread the ends of the elastic through the fold. Now, pull the ends so the fold is tight against the bead to form a lark’s head knot. Repeat on the other side of the bead with the second elastic cord.

Step 7

Tie a knot at the end of each elastic cord. Create a sliding knot to close.
TIP: For a sliding knot, arrange your bracelet in a circle and overlap the ends. Tie a knot on both sides so the ends are pointing out.

Step 8

Make a striped stretchy friendship bracelet! To do this, cut a 72" piece of stretchy cord from four different colors.

Step 9

Gather cords together and align them so they are even then tie an overhand knot about 6" from one end.

Step 10

Tape the cords to your working surface above the knot.

Step 11

Now, separate the cords and arrange them so they are in order as you would like your stripes from left to right.
TIP: For the bracelet shown, the cords are arranged: blue (A), bright green (B), pink (C) and orange (D).

Step 12

To start the knotting process, place the cords on the left (A) perpendicular over the second set of cords (B) cords, creating a “4” shape. Next, wrap the A cord ends under the B cords and thread through the loop of the “4” shape and pull the ends so the knot moves up to the top. Repeat for a second knot.

Step 13

Repeat Step 10 but this time knot the A cords over your C cords. Then again over your D cords.
TIP: Your A cords are now all the way over to the right.

Step 14

Repeat Steps 12-13 with your B cords and work them across all cords.

Step 15

Continue the pattern until you reach the length desired for your bracelet.

Step 16

Tie an overhand knot below the last knotted row.

Step 17
Tie the ends together.
TIP: The beauty of this bracelet is you can tie the ends and it will stretch over your hand. You can take it on and off as needed!

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