Time Required :
15 minutes or less
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

linework pattern play

This project is intended for kids ages 3+. Find a moment of Zen through a rhythmic, free style project for kids and adults alike. Create a fun, expressive linework pattern like this artwork by Will B. that encourages the creator to explore mark making with a limited colour palette. Overlay colours to see what new colours can be made.
Step 1

To begin your Linework Pattern Play project, select three colours from your rainbow dot markers set.
TIP: If you would like to use more than three colours, that’s fine! Start with three and complete the steps below, then go back and add more colours at the end if you have the room. This will ensure you leave enough space for your three colours before adding additional colours.

Step 2

Pull two pieces of paper out of your mixed media paper pad.
TIP: You will use one as a test piece of paper for your pens, and the other for your project.

Step 3

Remove the caps from your three dot markers and prime them on your test paper, ensuring that ink is flowing freely.
TIP: Make dots, lines, etc. to make sure the ink is coming out of your dot markers evenly.

Step 4

Grab your second piece of mixed media paper pad and get started.

Step 5

Begin with your lightest colour dot marker and begin to draw shapes, swirls, lines, zigzags, dots, etc. on your paper. Be sure to spread the first colour out on the page so you have room for the colours coming next. Let your marks dry completely.
TIP: There is no wrong way to do this project! Place a shape, zigzag, or whatever you choose, in each corner of the paper and one in the middle of the paper to begin. Once your paper begins to be covered with your first colour, you can move to your next colour.

Step 6

Repeat Step 5 with your middle value colour dot marker. These marks will overlap the ones you made in your lightest colour marker and new colours will be made by their overlap. Let your marks dry completely.

Step 7

With your darkest colour dot marker, repeat Step 5 one more time. Let your marks dry completely.
TIP: With your last and darkest colour, this is your chance to make sure you’ve filled your paper with colour! If you see a hole in your creation, fill it with your darkest colour.

Step 8

If you want to go back with colours one or two, or add a new colour to finish your creation, go for it! There is no wrong way to complete this project.

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