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dritz water bottle holder

Stay hydrated in style with this fun water bottle holder by Dritz. Check out our online Fabric Shop for more fabric options.
Step 1

Cut your fabric to size for your water bottle.

TIP: For the featured water bottle holder, which is made to fit a larger 1 liter bottle, the measurements are follows:

  • Two 12"x9" rectangles from main fabric
  • Two 12"x5" rectangles from accent fabric
  • Two 5" diameter circles
  • One 12"x9" fusible fleece interfacing
  • One 1½"x12" rectangle for tie
  • Two pieces of belting at 3"
  • One piece of belting at 30"

Step 2 Iron fleece interfacing to the wrong side of one piece of your main fabric.

Step 3 Sew with right sides together the main body of your fabric to an accent piece of fabric, then press out the seams and top stich along the crease. Repeat with the lining so that you have two identical rectangles.

Step 4 With right sides folded together, stitch together the main body of the holder and leave a 2"-3" hole for turning in the middle as well as a 1" opening from the top to thread the pull string through in a later step.

Step 5 Top stitch your 1" opening so it is a finished look. Repeat for the lining as well; only stitch up the entire length.

TIP: No hole is needed for turning in this piece.

Step 6 Take one of the circles you cut and carefully aligning edges, pin it to the bottom of your holder, stitch in place. Repeat for the lining piece as well.

Step 7 Turn your main side piece right sides out and place down into your lining.

Step 8 Pin the top together and stitch around closing the piece.

Step 9 Now, turn your piece right side out through the hole you left in the main body.

Step 10 Place the opening of the water bottle holder around your machine and measuring 1" down stitch all the way around to close the hole for your tie. Set aside your water bottle holder.

Step 11 Using your precut 1½"x12" piece of fabric, use bias tape holder to make pull tie for water bottle holder. Once the tape has been pulled through fold over the ends ¼", then fold entire tape in half at crease line and top stitch closed.

Step 12 Using a safety pin thread the string through the top of the opening.

Step 13 To make the connectors that your swivel hooks will clip to, loop the D ring through the belting and fold in half. Pin it to the outside of your main fabric and sew on making an “x” stitch for added strength.

Step 14 After the swivel hook is inserted into the belting fold down 1½" and sew. To complete your strap, sew an “x” stitch on both ends.

Step 15 Hand stitch your tag and connect your swivel hooks.

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