Time Required :
About 30 minutes
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

cricut joy™ launch: personalized usb adapter

Are you super excited about this new machine? The Cricut Joy™ is a great segue into the DIY world of crafting! It is great for long designs (like skylines or panoramas), repeat or small and so much more!
Step 1

First, open Cricut® Design Space™ and click ‘New Project’.
TIP: Be sure to let the system know you are using the Cricut Joy™. In the upper right corner, click the dropdown box to choose Cricut Joy™.

Step 2

Create, or upload, your personalized design to identify your USB wall plug and size to fit as desired.

Step 3

Now, click ‘Make It’ in the upper right corner and then click ‘Continue’ in the lower right corner of your screen.

Step 4

Select your material, place the Smart Vinyl™ in the loading area and your machine will pull it in to start your cut. Follow the prompts to cut out your design.

Step 5

Use scissors to cut away the vinyl around your design. Next, use your weeder tool to peel away the remaining negative space surrounding your design so when you’re done, it's the only thing left on the backer paper.

Step 6

Cut a piece of transfer tape that’s just a bit larger than your design. Peel away the tape’s backer paper and place the tape, sticky-side down, over the vinyl. Burnish the vinyl so that it’s completely stuck to the tape.

Step 7

Now, gently peel away the white backer paper and your design should now be stuck to the transfer tape.

Step 8
Hold the transfer tape over your surface, to determine where and how you’d like it placed; then press it onto your surface. Burnish the vinyl once more to make sure it’s completely stuck to the surface and gently peel away the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl transferred to your surface.

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