Time Required :
Over an hour
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

chevron friendship bracelet

Feeling nostalgic? Try making this Chevron Friendship Bracelet! It’s a throwback to your youth the you can do with your friends or your kids!
Step 1

Measure and cut 72" from four colors of floss.

Step 2

To make your looped starting end, gather the strands together and align the ends so they are all even; then fold the strands in half. Tie an overhand knot with all of the strands together, about 1" below the fold.

Step 3

Tape the loop to your working space, above the knot.

Step 4

Assign each color a letter to help keep them organized when following instructions.

TIP: In the featured project, the colors are: light pink (A), tan (B), hot pink (C) and white (D).

Step 5

Separate the strands and lay them out in front of you in the following order, from left to right: A, B, C, D, D, C, B, A.

Step 6

With the A and B strands on the left, make a forward overhand knot with A over B. Repeat for a second knot.

TIP: To make a forward overhand knot, take you’re a strand and fold half of it over the B strand to resemble the number four. Then, bend the section of the A strand that is extending past the B strand around the B strand and through the opening of the four formation. Pull tight, sliding the knot up to the top.

Step 7

Repeat Step 6 with the A strand over the C strand and again with the A strand over the D strand. Remember to knot each one twice.

TIP: The A strand will naturally mover across the row as you make the forward knots.

Step 8

Now, repeat Steps 6-7 with the A strand on the right side, but this time, make backward overhand knots.

TIP: To make a backward overhand knot, just make a forward overhand knot in reverse.

Step 9

Once you have both A strands in the center, make two backward overhand knots to join the two sides, as well as, make the point of your chevron.

Step 10

Repeat Steps 6-9 with the B strand. Continue this pattern until you reach the desired length.

Step 11

At the end of your chevron knots, tie a double overhand knot with all excess strands. Slide on two pony beads and tie a second double overhand knot. Trim excess floss.

TIP: To make the spiral bracelets shown with this Chevron Friendship Bracelet, click here and enter '88307' in the search field.

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