Time Required :
About an hour
You're new to the skills necessary to complete this project, or maybe you've tried them just once or twice before.

beach wood bead tassel garland

Whether you are decorating your home with beach décor or outfitting a beach house, this Seaside Wood Bead Tassel Garland is an easy and trendy item you can make to drape around a vase, basket or simply lay on a table or mantel.
Step 1

First, click here for the design in Cricut® Design Space™.

Step 2

Cut your tag shape from basswood, the word “beach” and bottom layer of your starfish from adhesive vinyl and the rest of the quote and icons iron-on vinyl.

Step 3

Weed the vinyl around and within the words and icons; then set aside.

Step 4

Lay out a pattern of wood bead sizes to plan your tassel garland. Separate the beads you want to leave natural and the ones you want to paint a seaside blue and white.
TIP: Take a photo of your pattern so you can recreate it easily after painting.

Step 5

On your paper plate (or palette paper), combine about three-parts Native Turquoise and one-part white chalky paint. Mix well to create the shown shade of blue.

Step 6

Paint your wood beads and wood tag (cut in Step 2) with your blue chalky paint mix. Set aside to dry. Add a second coat, if needed, then set aside to dry completely.
TIP: Sliding the wood beads onto a bamboo skewer is an easy way to hold the beads and paint evenly. To let them dry, place the bamboo skewer across a disposable cup.

Step 7

Use transfer tape to attach the word “beach” to the top left corner and the bottom layer of your starfish to the right of your word on your painted wood tag. Burnish to make sure the vinyl has a good bond with your tag.

Step 8

Paint your tag with white chalky paint. Let dry, then carefully remove the vinyl letters and starfish.
TIP: You will paint over the adhesive vinyl word and starfish as well as the wood tag. Once the vinyl is removed, the blue letters and starfish layer will be revealed.

Step 9

Now, press the iron-on quote and icon layers to your tag.

Step 10

Cut a piece twine a little longer than you want your tassel garland.

Step 11

Tie your tag to one end of your twine.

Step 12

Tie an overhand knot about 1½" [3.8 cm] from your tag.

Step 13

On the other end, wrap a piece of clear tape around the other end to help string the beads. String beads onto your twine as you planned in Step 4 then cut off the taped end.

Step 14

Tie an overhand knot next to your last added bead.

Step 15

Make a tassel by winding twine around your hand multiple times and sliding it off. Place the wrapped material next to the end of your beaded tassel (without the wood shape) and tie twine around the top to keep it attached. Wrap multiple times and tie a knot.

Step 16

Finally, cut open the loops making a fringe tassel and trim the ends, so they are even.

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  • Household Tape – Clear
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