Bernat® Handicrafter® Yarn Bunny Headband (Crochet)

Crochet an adorable bunny headband for Easter this year. This little rabbit will look so cute perched on the head of a little one. Stitch the ears to the head and embroider the face details with embroidery thread.

Designed by Janelle Haskin

Janelle Haskin is a crochet and knitwear accessory designer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For the past 4 years, Janelle has been designing her own patterns, selling her wares online, participating in various craft shows throughout the Philadelphia area, and partnering with a few choice, adorable boutiques and shops. Her patterns have been featured in the book, “So Pretty, Crochet” and everybody's favorite 'It Girl', Zooey Deschanel, wore one of her headbands. Janelle loves fashion, and knitting has given her the ability to be imaginative and create pieces she is excited to wear and share.!/pages/Janelle-Haskin/261472297975


Craft Time: varies

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Bernat® Handicrafter® Cotton Yarn – Soft White (10036154) and Pinky (10432300)
  • Crochet Hook, Size G, 4.25 mm
  • Yarn Needle
  • Embroidery Thread – Black and Pink
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SC - single crochet
SS - slip stitch
DEC - Decrease

Bunny Head

Row 1: Chain 2.

Row 2: SC 6 into 2nd chain from hook joining with a slip stitch (SS).

Row 3: Chain 1, counts as first SC, SC same stitch, *2 SC, SC in next* (repeat from *, join with SS) 9 stitches.

Row 4: Chain 1, SC in first stitch, *2 SC in each stitch* join with SS, 22 stitches.

Row 5: SC in each chain, join with SS -- 22 stitches.

Row 6: Chain 1, *SC in first stitch, 2 SC in next* join with SS -- 34 stitches.

Row 7: SC in each stitch, join with a SS, cut and fasten off ends.

Bunny Ears

With the Soft Ecru

Row 1: Chain 3, leaving a long tail.

Rows 2-5: Work 6 rows of SC.

Row 7: DEC 1, SC in next 2 stitches.

Row 8: SC in each stitch.

Row 9: DEC 1, SC.

Row 10: 1 SC, finish with a SS and fasten off, leaving a long tail.

*Repeat for Second Ear*

Pink Inner Ear

Row 1: Chain 2.

Row 2: 2 SC in 2nd chain from hook.

Rows 3 & 4: Work 2 rows of SC.

Row 5: DEC 1, SC in next stitch.

Row 6: Chain 1, 1 SC.

Row 7: Chain 1, 1 SC, fasten off, leaving a long tail.

*Repeat for Second Ear*

Sew pink ears onto each cream ear.


Row 1: Slip stitch into 5th chain from bunny ear, SC 3 stitched.

Rows 2-20: Work even rounds SC.

Row 21: DEC 1, SC in next stitch.

Row 22: SC in each stitch.

Row 23: DEC 1, SC in next stitch, approximately 25 rounds, until desired length to fit and tie around head. Fasten off and weave in ends.

*Repeat for second tie on opposite side*

Sew on your bunny’s adorable face with the embroidery thread.