Peony and Hydrangea Bouquet

Soft tones of sage and spice create a romantic hand-wrapped bouquet you'll be proud to carry. Designed by Kim Wakefield

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  • Hydrangea, green, 4
  • Rannunculus, brick, 2
  • Peony, pink, 4
  • Ribbon, spring moss, 2 rolls
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Floral wire, 22 gauge
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Step: 1

Gather all peonies into a rounded cluster style and wire stems together.

Step: 2

Evenly space all hydrangeas around the bottom of peonies. Wire hydrangeas to peonies, keeping rounded shape.

Step: 3

Cut all ranunculus from stems and arrange randomly in bouquet, wiring or hot gluing in place.

Step: 4

Use several hydrangea leaves to finish underside of bouquet, hot gluing in place at top of stems.

Step: 5

Cut stems of bouquet evenly to about 11 inches in length.

Step: 6

Use 2 hydrangea leaves to wrap around the stems, removing plastic shaper from the leaf backings so that they are flexible. Wrap and hot glue in place.

Step: 7

Wrap one long piece of ribbon roughly 18 inches long around bouquet handle several times and tie a knot.

Step: 8

Make a 10-loop bow with streamers and hot glue in place at knot.


Use photo as a guide when assembling project.