Aleene's® Outdoor Adhesive™

Aleene's® Outdoor Adhesive™; is specially formulated for outdoor use and withstands heat and cold. UV inhibitors added. COMMONLY USEDSURFACE-TO-SURFACE APPLICATIONS ARE: Wood, metal, plastic, to wood, Wood, metal, plastic to metal, Metal to metal, Terra cotta DIRECTIONS & TIPS FOR USING ALEENE'S® OUTDOOR ADHESIVE™;: Clean, dry and roughen surfaces to be bonded. Apply to surfaces and let set for 5 minutes. Press together. SPECIAL TIPS: Roughen surfaces to be bonded. TEMPERATURE RECOMMENDATIONS/LIMITATIONS: Performs best at room temperature. CURE RATE & DRYING TIME: Sets in 24-72 hours. CLEAN UP & REMOVAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Wash hands thoroughly after use. CAUTION ADVISORIES OR SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS: Strong fumes, use in well ventilated areas. Avoid exposure to skin.