Bead Landing™ Medieval Nights Cuff

Mix and match chain sizes and colors for an edgy look. Designed by Margaret Pankhurst

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Bead Landing™ Metal Madness Blank Cuff
  • Bead Landing™ Large Link Chain
  • Bead Landing™ Small Link Chain
  • Bead Landing™ Tiny Link Chain
  • Bead Landing™ Cup Chain
  • Jump Rings
  • E-6000® Glue
  • Cup Chain Ends
  • Jewellery Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Bracelet Form
  • Tape
  • 22mm Wire
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To glue the chain to the cuff, the cuff needs to be supported on a bracelet form so that it will not move around.

Place a controlled amount of glue onto the cuff. Start with a small section first. Jumble the chain onto the glued area. Place a small amount of tape over the chain to help hold it in place until the glue sets. Once set, continue down the face of the cuff gluing and placing the large link chain. Remove any excess chain that is not needed using jewellery cutting pliers. Allow to set up over night.

Take 3-5" sections of small link chain and attach them to the large link chain with jump rings. Attach at points of the large link chain that you find are raised. This will differ from bracelet to bracelet.

Cut several 3-5" sections of cup chain. Attach a cup chain crimp to each end of each section. Place the cup chain into the crimp. Use pliers to fold down the points that hold in the link.

Attach the ends and the middle of each cup chain length to the existing chain currently attached to the cuff.

Cut a 2" piece of wire and attach it around the end of the tiny link chain. Attach the chain using the wire to the large link chain that has been glued to the bracelet.

Wrap the tiny link chain around the cuff, enclosing and wrapping the already glued and attached chain until it reaches the other side of the cuff. Cut any loose chain not used in the wrapping with a jewellery cutting pliers. Secure the end of the tiny link chain to the opposite end of the chain decoration with a small piece of twisted wire. Tuck the wire ends in so they will not show.


Refer to photo for project details.