Martha Stewart Crafts™ Magnetic Paint Effect

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Magnetic Paint Effect is a waterbased grey basecoat paint that magnetizes a surface. FAQs: On what type of surfaces can I apply it? Apply on wood, papier-mâché, tin, terra cotta, canvas, and plaster. On glass and ceramics, use for decorative purposes only; surface is not washable. How should I prepare my surface? Wood – Sand smooth with fine grit sandpaper, wipe away sawdust. Papier-Mâché – Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Tin – Wash with soap and water; wipe with white vinegar-dampened cloth and let dry. Terra Cotta – Wipe clean; seal pot interior with paint or two coats of Sprayable Satin or Gloss Enamel Finish. Canvas – Wipe primed canvas clean; if unprimed, apply two coats of gesso primer. Plaster – Wipe clean with damp cloth. Glass / Ceramics – Wash with soap and water; wipe with rubbing alcohol-dampened cloth and let dry. Should I shake the bottle to mix? No. Do not shake the bottle. Roll the bottle on a tabletop several times to mix thoroughly. What tools should I use? Use a soft bristle brush. How should I apply it? Apply using heavy yet smooth brush strokes. Paint surface with 2 – 3 coats allowing each coat to dry 1 hour before reapplying. Let dry completely 24 hours to cure before applying a top coat of Martha Stewart Crafts Craft Paint for color. Can I use any paint over it? Yes. You can use satin, high gloss, metallic, pearl, or glitter paint. Brush or spray on using the Martha Stewart Crafts Spray Paint Kit. Can I decorate the top coat by hand painting, stenciling, or glazing? Yes. Once dry, the magnetic surface can be decorated with stenciling, hand painting, or faux finishes. Is it necessary to seal over the magnetic paint effect? No, you do not have to seal it. Can I use this outdoors? Yes, but keep projects in a protected area with no direct exposure to the elements. How should I clean tools? Clean tools while still wet. Wash with soap and water or with Brush and Stencil Cleaner: apply cleaner; work into lather, rinse in cool water, and let dry.