Halloween Cauldron

This fun and festive cauldron is the perfect accessory to spice up your home for Halloween!

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Americana® Acrylic Paint - Lamp (Ebony) Black, Citron Green and Festive Greene
  • Craft Pumpkin, Medium
  • Paintbrushes- 3/4" (1.9cm) Flat and #10 Flat
  • Water Container
  • Palette (Or Plastic Plate)
  • Paper Towels
  • Low Heat Glue Gun (or Quick Dry Craft Glue)
  • Scissors
  • Creative Versa-Tool™ (optional)
  • Hand Saw
  • Craft Knife
  • Styrofoam® Balls, Small (2)
  • Styrofoam® Sheeet, Flat
  • Creatology™ Foam Sheets - Red, Orange and Green
  • Toothpicks
  • Painter's Tape
  • Crayola® Model Magic® - Black and Red
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Step 1
Use Creative Versa-Tool™ or craft knife to cut off pumpkin top (approximately 1/4 down). Use cutout as template for piece of flat Styrofoam®. Cut Styrofoam® piece to fit inside cauldron top.

Step 2
Use 3/4" (1.9cm) flat brush to paint pumpkin Lamp Black and Stryofoam® circle Citron Green.

Step 3
Use pencil to draw various size flame shapes on red and orange foam. Cut out shapes with scissors. Position and glue flames to cauldron.

Step 4
Use #10 flat brush to paint eyelids on Stryofoam® balls with Festive Greene. Add two Lamp Black dots for eyes.

Step 5
Roll black Model Magic® into long thick rope. Position and glue onto cauldron rim.

Step 6
Crumple paper and push into cauldron. Insert green foam circle into opening over paper.

Step 7
Push toothpick into bottom of each eye. Position and push opposite end of toothpick into green foam circle.

Step 8
Roll red Model Magic® into small rope. Pinch off three pieces for each "hand". Position on cauldron rim next to eyes. Secure with glue if necessary.


Allow to dry between steps.