Cedar Lodge Mason Jar Planter

A mason jar is re-purposed into a cute holiday décor piece in just a few steps! Give as a gift or use to spruce up your own home.

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Glass Mason Jar
  • Sand- Black (1 bag)
  • Pebbles (or Rocks)- Black (1-2 bags)
  • Ribbon- Burlap
  • Decorative Ribbon
  • Paper Gift Tag
  • Jute (or Twine)
  • Christmas Branch with Pine Cones
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
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Decorate your jar by first wrapping the burlap ribbon around the jar with the decorative ribbon on top of the burlap. Use the hot glue gun to keep the burlap ribbon in place.

To give your project a homespun look, wrap a piece of jute or twine around the burlap and decorative ribbon several times. Don't forget to add the gift tag if it's a gift!

Add the bag of black river pebbles or rocks to the jar (depending on how you prefer your jar to look, you may want to add more rocks, using a second bag).

Now slowly add the bag of black sand to the jar. If you hold the jar at an angle and slowly shake the jar, the sand should filter in between the rocks.

Lastly, take your pine branch and firmly place in the jar, and you're finished!