Yarn Ornaments

Use smaller water balloons for these smaller projects. Use larger balloons to create outdoor lanterns with the same technique!

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Yarn, Cotton
  • Plaid® Stiffy™ Fabric Stiffener
  • Water Balloons, Small
  • Glitter - Colour of Choice
  • Scissors
  • Zip-close Bags
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Step 1
Inflate small water balloons with air, keeping a round shape. Knot to close.

Step 2
Pour Stiffy™ into a small zip-close bag.

Step 3
Cut a couple yards of yarn and submerge in Stiffy™. Make sure yarn is saturated.

Step 4
Remove yarn. Beginning at one end, pull yarn between fingers while squeezing to remove excess mixture.

Step 5
Drape and wrap wet yarn over balloon. Secure cut ends under wrapped yarn.

Step 6
Repeat process and continue until entire balloon is wrapped, overlapping some yarn, but also leaving gaps.

Step 7
Drop wrapped balloon into glitter that has been poured into a bag. Once covered, take out and set aside to dry. (Approximately 24 hours).

Step 8
Pop balloon in center and pull out balloon pieces.