Quick Quack Costume

Celebrate Halloween with your little duckling by creating this adorable costume! Designed by Kim Bell courtesy of Velcro USA Inc.

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Clear Velcro®
  • VELCRO® Brand Clear tape - 5' x ¾"
  • VELCRO® Brand Clear Circles - 5/8"
  • (1) yellow hoodie
  • (1) yellow feather boa (about 2 yards)
  • (1) large sheet of orange craft foam (3mm)
  • Small pieces of black and white craft foam (2mm)
  • Craft glue
  • Patterns (download button below)
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Measure center seam of hood. Cut VELCRO® Brand Clear tape to length. Apply loop side to center seam. Apply feather boa to back of hook side. Tip: Separate feathers to secure center rope base to tape. Attach feathers to hood.

Print out PDF files of patterns. Cut out bills from orange craft foam. Glue upper and lower bills together at glue areas. May need to clamp until dry. Lower bill is smaller than upper to create an open bill.

Cut 6" piece of VELCRO® Brand Clear tape. Apply hook side to top edge of upper bill. Apply loop side to top inside edge of hood. Attach bill to inside edge of hood.

Cut eyes from white and black craft foam. Glue black eye piece on top of white piece. Attach to hood with 5/8" coins.


Measure from shoulder seam to sleeve cuff. Attach feathers to center of sleeves as above.


Cut two 2" lengths of feather boa. Attach a 5/8" hook coin to one end of each piece. Apply 2 loop coins to center back at base of hoodie. Attach feather pieces to form tail.

Webbed Feet

Cut 2' from orange craft foam. Apply 5/8" hook coin to top of one side of foot strap and loop coin to underside of other strap. Cut slits in top of feet and loop shoe string or strap through slits to keep feet in place.

After wearing, remove feathers, bill, eyes, and VELCRO® Brand Clear tape and coins to return hoodie to original condition.

Download Pattern


Use disappearing ink marking pen for transferring patterns. Use VELCRO® Brand Clear fasteners to temporarily apply decorations to clothing. They are not permanent to fabric and can be removed without damage to fabric.