Fun and Fluffy Snowman

Celebrate the holidays with this adorable little snowman! His holly jolly appearance is sure to bring a smile to the face of everyone who encounters him!


Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Styrofoam™ Foam Balls - 15.2cm, 12.7cm, 10.2cm, and (5) 2.5cm (6", 5", 4" and (5) 1")
  • Fun Fur Yarn - White
  • Acrylic Paints - White, Black, Red, Green and Orange
  • Natural Twigs
  • Holiday Ribbon
  • Chenille Stem - Red
  • Design It® Foam Cutter
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
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Step 1
Cut a small slice off the top and bottom of the 15.2cm and 12.7cm (6" and 5") balls using the foam cutter. Cut a small slice off the bottom of the 10.2cm (4") ball. Stack the balls together, largest to smallest, and glue in place with low-temp glue gun.

Step 2
Glue one end of the yarn to the bottom ball and begin wrapping to completely cover the entire snowman body. Glue again to secure the yarn where you stop.

Step 3
Press two of the 2.5cm (1") balls flat on the table to create the two candy buttons. Pinch and shape another 2.5cm (1") ball to create the cone-shaped carrot nose. The last two 2.5cm (1") balls are the eyes. Paint the two eyes and the two candy buttons white. Paint the nose orange and let dry. Paint the black pupils in the eyes. Use the red and green paint to decorate the buttons. Let dry. Glue parts in place. Glue on a small piece of red chenille stem for the mouth.

Step 4
Insert the branch arms into each side and secure with low heat glue gun. Tie a length of ribbon around the neck for a scarf.



A great way to use left over Fun Fur yarn.