Halloween Duck® Tape Costume – Robot

With the wide assortment of colors to choose from, you’ll have endless opportunities to craft all sorts of fun and unique creations using Duck Tape®. Designed by Michaels® Design Team

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Duck® brand Duct Tape
  • Aleene’s Ultimate Glue Gun
  • Additional Items Needed: T-Shirt
  • Pants
  • Half Mask
  • Foam Shapes Bucket
  • Making Memories® Brads, Silver
  • Sulyn Glitter Glue, Opalescent
  • Creatology® Foam Sheets: Blue, Lime Green (adhesive-backed)
  • Chenille Stems: Silver Glitter (2)
  • Black Sharpie®
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
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Lay shirt and pants flat on a flat surface. Completely cover front and back with strips of silver Duck tape, slightly overlapping each piece. Cover front of mask with Duck tape, overlapping strips. Set pants and mask aside for later use.

Cut a 6-inch x 9-inch rectangle from blue foam. Place brads through foam evenly spaced around outer edge. Cut a 3-inch x 4-inch rectangle from lime foam and place on blue foam as shown. Remove backing from foam shapes and decorate rectangles as desired. Use Sharpie to add lines to green foam piece. Use glitter glue to embellish shapes.

Cut up back center of shirt. Cut small pieces of tape, place sticky sides together and attach to back of shirt to make tabs. Add Velcro to tabs for shirt closure.

Split back of pants and add Velcro to close. Note: When tape is added to pants, it will make it hard to get them on if the pants aren’t split.

Wrap chenille stems around Sharpie to coil. Remove and attach one end to holes in each side of mask. Place foam shapes over the chenille stem ends to hold them in place, as shown. Sandwich the other end of each chenille stem between two foam circle shapes. Decorate mask with additional foam shapes and glitter glue, as desired.