Cherry Blossom Floral Arrangement

This beautiful arrangement is both simple and quick. Bring the Cherry blossom breath of spring into your home. Design by Kim Wakefield, Michaels

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Everlasting Elegance
  • Cherry blossom stems
  • River rocks
  • Vase, clear glass, tall
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Step: 1

Arrange cherry blossom stems in vase as desired.

Step: 2

Carefully place rocks in bottom of vase.

Step: 3

Follow package instructions to mix Everlasting Elegance and pour into vase. Allow to set until firm.


Use photo as a guide when assembling arrangement. Everlasting Elegance can be used for many kinds of arrangements when the container is see-through and an illusion of water in the vase is desired. Remember, Everlasting Elegance is permanent and cannot be removed from the container once it has set.