Things We Love

We've browsed Pinterest, read our favourite blogs and pulled together some of the trendiest crafts just for you!
Get inspired with new surfaces, patterns, textures and ideas for your next crafting project.

  • Raw Bar

    Inspiration comes in all forms, but it always starts with that one spark. Find your spark with our Raw Bar. Simple, natural and clean, elements of cork, wood and galvanized metal can be your starting surface or the finishing touch!


    Clothespin Wreath View Project

    Make a unique wreath using a floral ring, clothespins and neutral-coloured washi tape. So simple and so fun!


    Cork Wine Tube View Project

    Personalize your wine gift with a kiss of colour and a monogram for your host or hostess.

  • Wood Crates

    The natural texture of wood is in, and so very versatile. Our natural wood crates are made of 100% pine, one of the woods that shows lots of grain and texture. Paint, stain or leave them as is, these sturdy storage staples are the perfect accent for your home.


    Painted Storage Wood Crates View Project

    Add a pop of colour to the inside, then turn them on their side to create a simple storage unit.


    Stained Wood Crates View Project

    Rub your crates with a coat of wood stain in a light colour to give them a well-used antique feel.

  • Canvas

    A blank canvas opens up an entire world of creative possibility, and we've got a few just for you! Use a large canvas to bring bold colour to your walls, group medium sized canvased painted with colours of the season as an easy art vignette, or display a tiny canvas to add a little greeting to your party. So many options!


    Gold Calligraphy "Give Thanks" Mini Canvas View Project

    Use tiny canvases on your tablescape for both decoration and as a favour your guests can take home.


    Fall Leaf Stenciled Canvas Set View Project

    Use a stencil to create a set of seasonal canvases you can display or change out year round.

  • Milk Bottle

    Vintage style meets DIY with these fun glass milk bottles. So versatile, use them as a vase, as a fun party glass, or just set them on the shelf as a quick home décor accent.


    Chalky Finish Milk Bottles View Project

    For a beautifully neutral accent, paint your bottles with a chalk paint in soft shades and add a simple stem, like this cotton bud.


    Classroom Party Milk Bottle Drinks

    For your next homeroom party, fill these fun bottles with...milk! Add a fun striped straw and a label with each child's name to finish.

  • Mason Jar

    Mom always knew that this pantry staple was useful, and we couldn't agree more! Mason jars are everywhere, and used for everything from gifts, to organization and décor!


    Mason Jar Floral Arrangment

    Paint the inside of your Mason jar to make a colourful vase (and to hide that unsightly floral foam)!


    Mason Jar Halloween Floats View Project

    You can re-use Mason jars for every party! Here, we've made a errie orange float for our Halloween party, added ribbon to decorate each jar and finished with a striped paper straw and Halloween Ghost Peep!

  • Bird Cage

    Pretty and feminine, like delicate lace, birdcages are a beautiful accent for your home.


    Pumpkin Filled Fall Birdcage View Project

    You can incorporate any season into a basic birdcage. Fill it with tiny pumpkins in the fall, then swap them out for colourful ornaments at the holidays!


    Turquoise Birdcage View Project

    Tip: Give an old birdcage new life by painting it in a bright shade.

  • Tulle

    From a frosty snow princess' tutu to a full and frilly wreath, tulle is hot! We're seeing it pop up in home décor, costumes and of course, weddings in tons of bright and bold colours.


    Snow Princess Halloween Costume
    View Project

    You can use this same idea for any costume tutu, just change up the colours!


    Tulle Rosette Hinged Wedding Favour
    View Project

    Create a cute rosette that you can tie onto your favours for a personalized touch.

  • Skulls

    This pop culture icon can be see everywhere, including the worlds of art, fashion and music. Sometimes scary, sometimes whimisical the skull can be used as a traditional Halloween decoration or in your everyday crafts!


    Stenciled Skull on Canvas View Project

    You can make this project in an iconic black and white colour scheme, or use different colours for each skull.


    Turquoise Skull Bracelet View Project

    Use Turquoise Skull shaped beads to add some Rock 'n roll to your wardrobe.