Creative Classes
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  • Wilton® Cake Decorating

    CYC Knit and Crochet Classes

    Grumbacher® Fine Arts Classes

    • All Wilton 4-week courses are $20 (regularly $45).

      See a store associate for class dates and times.

      You don't have to be a chef or even experienced in the kitchen to decorate a cake, cookie, cupcake or brownie. The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating will teach you the techniques for making treats that will amaze your friends and family.

    • Course 1: Building Buttercream Skills

      Fresh inspiration and modern cake design are presented in this class! Learn a variety of classic buttercream decorating techniques, including 6 different piped flowers, which will give you extraordinary results for any application. Recommended for all skill levels.

      Prerequisite: None     
      Duration: (4) 2-hour Sessions     (2) 3-hour Sessions     Age: Adult

    • Course 2: Flowers and Cake Design

      Design a professional-looking cake! Learn how to select colours, arrange flowers and work with royal icing, which is the ideal icing for creating decorations in advance. Plus, you’ll learn how to make amazing flowers, such as pansies, lilies and The Wilton Rose™!

      Prerequisite: Course 1     
      Duration: (4) 2-hour Sessions     Age: Adult

    • Course 3: Fondant and Gum Paste

      Develop your skills working with fondant and gum paste! Learn essential techniques, such as covering a cake with fondant, cutting shapes and even painting on fondant. Plus, you’ll learn how to create different types of flowers, such as calla lilies, roses and carnations.

      Prerequisite: Course 2
      Duration: (4) 2-hour Sessions     Age: Adult

    • Course 4: Advanced Gum Paste Flowers

      Take your gum paste flower-making skills to an advanced level! Learn how to use gum paste to make detailed, realistic-looking flowers as if they were freshly cut, including Gerbera daisies and stargazer lilies. Plus, you’ll learn how to create a variety of leaves, blossoms and bouquet designs.

      Prerequisite: Course 3
      Duration: (4) 2-hour Sessions     Age: Adult

    • Crazy for Cupcakes

      Updated for the New Year! Make amazing cupcakes for any occasion – no experience necessary! Learn easy buttercream decorating techniques and how to mix and match them to make fantastic cupcakes you’ll be proud to share. Everyone will go crazy for these cupcakes!

      Prerequisite: None
      Duration: 2-hours     Age: Adult

    • Arm Knitting

      A DIY call to arms. This craft craze is the latest rage! Learn to make something great with just your arms and some yarn. Choose from one of four exciting projects to complete during class.

      Prerequisite: None     
      Age: Adult

    • Knit Beginner 1

      Learn the basics of knitting. We’ll teach you the skills to make designs that you’ll treasure for years. Supplies not included.

      Prerequisite: None     
      Age: Adult

    • Knit Beginner 2

      Once you know the basics of knitting, you are ready to learn the purl stitch. Supplies not included.

      Prerequisite: Knit Beginner 1     
      Age: Adult

    • Crochet Beginner 1

      Learn the basics of crochet. Select your favourite colours and make designs that you’ll be proud to wear or give as gifts. Supplies not included.

      Prerequisite: None     Age: Adult

    • Crochet Beginner 2

      Once you know the basics of crochet, you are ready to learn the Tall Stitches. Create your own unique style as you complete a scarf. Supplies not included.

      Prerequisite: Crochet Beginner 1     
      Age: Adult

    • Learn basic acrylic painting techniques and create your own art piece featuring landscapes, florals, seascapes, still-life paintings and portraits. No painting experience required!

    • Floral Painting

      Create your own floral masterpiece! Learn to mix colours and watch your painting blossom before your eyes.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2-hours     Age: Adult

    • Landscape Painting

      Apply the principles of classic painting as you create a vibrant landscape painting. Pick up your paintbrush and gain some new perspective.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2-hours     Age: Adult

    • Seascape Painting

      Capture the beauty and tranquility of the sea as you paint your own realistic water scene.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2-hours     Age: Adult

    • Still Life Painting

      Turn the everyday objects around you into fine art! Take home valuable new skills along with your own unique still life painting.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2-hours     Age: Adult

  • Trend Classes

    Jewellery Making

    Paper Crafting

    • Mesh Ribbon Wreath

      Mesh Ribbon Wreath

      Learn to make a trendy ribbon mesh wreath for Fall. It's easier than you might think, and you can change up colours to match any season!

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 1.5-hours     Age: Adult


      Bring your creativity to life with Michaels jewellery making classes. You’ll learn the latest trends, tricks and techniques for using the right tools, beads and findings that will bring your inspiration to life. At the end of each class, you will leave with a finished project that is uniquely you.

    • Jewellery 101

      Learn the foundations of jewellery making — bead stringing, crimping, forming wire loops — as you make a beautiful ribbon and pearl bead necklace. Supplies not included.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2-hours     Age: 16+

    • Wire Wrapped Sweetheart Bracelet

      Expand your wire wrapping skills as you create a romantic bracelet to wear or give.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 1.5-hours     Age: 16+

    • Spring Statement Necklace

      Create a beautiful necklace with beads as you study basic wire-wrapping techniques.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2-hours     Age: 16+

    • Paper Crafting

      Join the movement to take memories off your pages and into your life. Sharpen your scrapbooking skills, play with inks or test your favourite tools. No matter what you love to paper-craft, you'll find your class at Michaels.

    • Scrapbooking 101

      Learn the basics of scrapbooking as you create a page incorporating paint, paper, stamps and stencils. Supplies not included.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2-hours     Age: 16+

    • Paris Mixed Media Art Board

      Learn mixed media techniques as you layer paint, paper, stamps and stencils in a Paris-inspired art piece.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2-hours     Age: 16+

    • Mixed Media Paper Wreath

      This intro to mixed media focuses on backgrounds and paper making. Take home a gorgeous paper wreath.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2-hours     Age: 16+

  • Birthday Parties

    Kid's Classes

    In-Store Events

    • A craft party at Michaels is easy as 1-2-3.
      1) Schedule your Party  2) Pick a project  3) Celebrate the day!
      We specialize in one-of-a-kind wishes and will create a party project just for your child.
      Michaels makes your child's party easy, affordable and, most of all, fun!

      What's Included:
      Fun party invitations • Thank you cards of goodie bag tags • Project preparation • Keepsake apron for guest of honor • Crafting assistance for party guests • Party setup and cleanup


      For more information regarding our birthday parties, including what type of parties are available for your child, download our free brochure.


      Don't forget to invite your best friends and all the creative kids you know to your party! Download your free invitations here.

    • Discover the educational and developmental benefits of crafting in our Kids Classes. Explore your child’s creative potential in Wilton Cake Decorating and Crocheting classes. Book your class today!

    • Monster Tail™ Squared Fishtail

      Fishtail squared! Learn the basics of the Monster Tail™ Chain Stitch Technique and complete your own Squared Fishtail bracelet. Register today.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 1 hour     Age: 8-12

    • Monster Tail™ Triple Fishtail

      Take your creativity to the next level! Sign up for our Monster Tail™ Triple Fishtail class and complete your very own Triple Fishtail bracelet.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 1 hour     Age: 8-12

    • Monster Tail™ Zipper Pull

      Kids, create fun and trendy projects using the Rainbow Loom® Monster Tail™ and signature beads. Book your spot now for our Monster Tail™ Zipper Pull class.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 1 hour     Age: 8-12

    • Crochet 1 – Layered Necklace and Headband

      Get all dolled up with creativity. Design your own do-it-yourself necklace or headband. Kids will learn to crochet a chain stitch in this introductory class.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: (1) 1 ½ hour session     Age: 8 to 12

    • Crochet 2 - Cuff Bracelet

      Join the fashion frenzy. Design your very own DIY custom cuff bracelet. Kids will learn to create a row and single crochet stitch in this foundation class.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: (1) 1 ½ hour session     Age: 8 to 12

    • Crochet 3 - Animals Pouch

      Take a walk on the wild side. Make this crafty critter pouch. Kids will learn to crochet a chain stitch, foundation row, single crochet stitch and sew… all in this foundation plus class.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: (1) 1 ½ hour session     Age: 8 to 12

    • Kids’ Art Painting: Fluffy Little Puppy

      Paint a cute and fluffy little puppy. Learn basic techniques, develop new skills and express yourself creatively.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2 hours     Age: 8-12

    • Kids’ Art Painting: Colourful Hot Air Balloon

      The sky is the limit for colourful hot air balloons. Embrace your creative side with techniques and skills you learn in painting class.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2 hours     Age: 8-12

    • Kids’ Art Painting: Majestic Butterfly

      Create a majestic butterfly with paint. Pick up new painting techniques that you can use to build your creative skills.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2 hours     Age: 8-12

    • Kids’ Art Painting: Fun & Playful Dolphin

      Make waves painting a fun and playful dolphin. Attain the skills you need paint your own personal works of art.

      Prerequisite: None     Duration: 2 hours     Age: 8-12

    Want to try something new, see how we did that or enjoy crafting without the fuss?
    Join us at your local Michaels store for product and project demos or project Make-It Take-Its* for all ages.

    See our events calendar for more details

    *Make-It Take-Its may require purchase. See event calendar for details.